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(Blog) A Note Concerning All Pride/Pride Fest/Parade Pictures

First thing's first! I'm going to hold off on the Pride Fest article/diary until the Pride Parade on the 28th. Work load is kind of intense right now.

Zombie Prom diary, on the other hand, will be up tomorrowish! It probably won't be a longer story. 500 words, if I'm lucky. 1,500 if I go mad again.

And secondly...

I know coming out isn't easy. And I know everyone has the right to do so on their terms.

Hell, my parents have always been socially liberal, and even I had a tough time with it.

So, if you have a problem with being featured in my pictures of Pride, please, do not run off to a lawyer's office. Contact me at the email provided below and let me know.

I respect the right to privacy, but in my defense, you were in a public space.

My removal will be in four steps:

I will temporarily remove the picture immediately upon recieving the email.

I will try to crop you from the picture. Or...

I will try to conceal your face in the picture. Or...

If all else fails, I will remove the picture permanently.

I will want to talk to you and confirm your identity--understand, I've had this site active for like, 2 weeks and have already been hit with trolls by the truckload. They seem to be my audience.

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