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This is not the extent of my photo/journalistic ability or interest, simply what I pride myself most on, and what I love to share.

July 6, 2014

Okay, got three stories coming down the pipe between today and next Saturday!!


Finally have some time off to write them!


Today: Expect a story about Summerfest and Public Privacy by the end of the day.


By Wednesday: The Fourth At Franklin, Year Two: Small town Fourth of July celebration.


By Friday: Pride Politics: Why politicians love and hate the LGBT community, and why we shouldn't trust any of them!

July 2, 2014

The first pride story is up!!




A photo diary dealing with my discomfort with the Gay community and Pride in my earlier days, and how misguided I was.


Next story brewing up in the brain pan is probably going to tacke Pride Politics.


Or Pride Dogs.


Still debating!

June 30, 2014

Here's a taste!

Working on the story and pics as we speak.

Probably going to have one short diary, then a straight soap box piece, and, likely, something political.

I said I was going to stay off politics, but frankly... I can't help myself.

June 25, 2014

Under the circumstances of new school, brief writer's block, and... frankly, bad pictures. There won't be a Zombie Prom story, at least not any time soon. Maybe after Pride I can get around to it.

June 23, 2014

First thing's first! I'm going to hold off on the Pride Fest article/diary until the Pride Parade on the 28th. Work load is kind of intense right now.


Zombie Prom diary, on the other hand, will be up tomorrowish! It probably won't be a longer story. 500 words, if I'm lucky. 1,500 if I go mad again.


And secondly...

I know coming out isn't easy. And I know everyone has the right to do so on their terms.


Hell, my parents have always been socially liberal, and even I had a tough time with it.

So, if you have a problem with being featured in my pictures of Pride, please, do not run off to a lawyer's office. Contact me at the email provided below and let me know.


I respect the right to privacy, but in my defense, you were in a public space.


My removal will be in four steps:

I will temporarily remove the picture immediately upon recieving the email.

I will try to crop you from the picture. Or...

I will try to conceal your face in the picture. Or...

If all else fails, I will remove the picture permanently.


I will want to talk to you and confirm your identity--understand, I've had this site active for like, 2 weeks and have already been hit with trolls by the truckload. They seem to be my audience.

June 22, 2014

Not going to have the time to write about and edit all the pics from Zombie Prom until Monday, probably.


But have a preview of the most recent disguises my friend Amber and I donned!


Pride Fest calls to me tomorrow!!


Also, starting with a $32 glass of Johnny Blue and wrapping up the night with three shots of Rumple Minze, one after the other in rapid succession... not the best plan I ever had!

June 20, 2014

The Affluent Rave / Applied Anthropology story is up!!


Yes. They got combined into one story, and it's... well, pretty damn long.


But I'm pretty goddamn happy with it!


Anyway... ENJOY!

June 16, 2014

After a bit of work, and notably no editing on the writing... The first photo diary from Spring Awakening is up!


Click here to find it!


(Going to work on easier navigation for the site... at some point!)



June 16, 2014

One of the most unsettling things I've ever witnessed:


The UBER Silent Disco.


This is saying a lot.


Imagine you're in a club, you can feel the movement of bodies reverberating through the floor, watch the bodies twist and groove and the DJ spin, witness the lights and strobes flash past your eyes... but you don't hear a single sound.


That was the UBER Silent Disco at Spring Awakening; wireless headphones rigged directly into the DJ's equipment. Conceptually, it's brilliant: A way of hosting a rave in, let's say, a residential basement without the cops showing up or pissing off the neighbors. In theory, you could host a party without security or restriction, and do all the drugs your brain could handle. And then some! And beer wouldn't be $10 per can. And water not $5 a bottle.


In practice, it was maddening.


I opted out of the headphones because I was feeling masochistic, I suppose; or maybe I just wanted to really catch the weirdness of it.


At the rest of the festival, it was easy to explain the weird and strange away: people lost in the movement and beat, fluttering about to the music and noise. But without the context of the music in your own ears at the time, the brain fails to make certain connections to explain this all, and you lapse into a semi-comatose state trying to rebuild your synapses.


Mind you, this all happened to me in about a span of eight seconds, so the pieces of grey matter were pretty easily picked up and I regained my sanity shortly thereafter.

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