(Blog) Spring Awakening

June 15, 2014

I haven't been to a rave in nearly a decade. It's not my music, I like my personal space, and I don't dance unless I'm very drunk--and at $10 per beer, drunk, let alone very drunk, wasn't gonna happen.


But... this was glorious. The movement, the hypnotic entracement of thousands of people at once.


Humanity. Chaos and movement and noise and joy. Pure expression and madness... Gah. Words are still failing me for what I sat back and watched after the memory card was filled to the brim.


Expect some stories by Friday!!


(PS: Personal record, by the way: 1,108 shots taken in under seven hours. Not that... shooting like a redneck with his eyes gouged out is necessarily a good thing... but it was impressive regardless!)

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