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11-24-14, Chicago Protesters await the verdict in the Mike Brown/Darren Wilson Grand Jury, an hour before no indictment came.

Mary. 24 years old and has been living rough on and off—mostly on—since she was 15. She’s from New Orleans, but says that she spends a lot of her time traveling, like many of NOLA’s homeless youth. New Orleans, 2014

Newly engaged couple, excitedly marching down the parade route and capturing the atmosphere of the 2014 Pride Parade. Chicago.

The counter-culture at play during Chicago's Spring Awakening. 2014

11-24-14, Chicago A protester, clad in a Guy Fawkes mask, listening to the Grand Jury verdict announcement in the Darren Wilson case.

27 year old Jolee. Living in an abandoned house in the Lower Ninth Ward, following a few bad financial decisions and theft of a bag containing her ID and Social Security cards. Her friend's named Big. He did not like my flash. New Orleans, 2014

She loses herself in the moment of bass and noise. Spring Awakening, Soldier Field, 2014

The energy was palpable, watching the crowd and the madness at the Chicago Pride Parade, 2013

A Zombie rocks in and out of awareness, in the mood and music of the night. Zombie Prom 2013, Chicago

The young crowd at Pride showing no restraint for the camera. Chicago Gay Pride Parade, 2013

Both barefoot and care-free, this is Willow (Left) and Marion (Right). Willow’s 20 years old, a Louisiana native, but a new comer to the Big Easy. Marion’s 21, and has been traveling for more than a year, having started out in Boulder, Colorado. New Orleans, 2014

The massive, unyeilding crowd at Summerfest was lost to the drink and 90 degree temps and unwaivering music of Imagine Dragons. Summerfest 2013, Milwaukee

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